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How does 3D Printed Talent work?

Sign up to our developer base so we can view your profile or do it with LinkedIn (but be aware that with LinkedIn we can only see basic information) and we will connect with you.

We’ll get in touch as soon as we see something we think you’ll love. The process from there is smooth – we introduce you as our star candidate, help you with the interview – even negotiate your salary for you.

If your dream job hasn’t appeared yet, don’t worry! We find out about new opportunities daily and will get discretely in touch when we think we’ve got a match for you.

Who do I sign a contract with?

You always sign with our client who hires you, never us. We just facilitate every part of the process from initial contact to salary negotiation to onboarding.

We also don’t work with outsourcers or third parties who want to grab our candidates and place them elsewhere. We like to keep things simple, direct and clear.

What type of companies does 3D Printed Talent work with?

We work with all-sized companies (startups, SMEs and multinationals) from different countries across the world. Specialized in the 3D industry. What they have in common is that great 3D teams are fundamental to their business model, they share our pro-employee values, and they are an industry reference for the AM stack or product they offer.


Are there full-time remote jobs?

It depends on the position and the company. Also, keep in mind that the companies we work with provide unique environments that are enjoyable and exciting – they might even inspire you to go back to the office ; )


How is 3D Printed Talent different from a traditional recruiter?

Our team members are nothing like those impersonal recruiters that are spamming you on LinkedIn. They want to get to know you so they can help you find a position that feels great and fits your personal and professional goals. They will never spam you silly offers or disappear halfway through the process. We know the traditional recruiting approach sucks and are extremely candidate-centric, efficient and human.

We get to know you and offer you project(s) that we think fit you best. It’s always possible that we won’t find what you are looking for, but we have a great track record for matching our candidates with roles they love at very cool companies.

Our team members are like the reps that connect football stars with the clubs that best fit them. They focus on finding the right environment where you’ll feel at home and be able to grow and thrive and best use your skills and talents.

I live in another country – can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply.  We work with companies all over the world. (We can’t help you get a visa) – but we can just point you here so you can investigate the process: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/working-schengen-visa/.

Also, we can point you here, so you can investigate the cost of living within two cities: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/

How much does 3D Printed Talent cost? Is there a fee?

No! 3D Printed Talent is a completely free service for job seekers. No hidden fees of any kind. You just joinour developer base, check our offers regularly, and keep a positive mindset!

Why 3D Printed Talent? What’s different?

3D Printed Talent brings a totally fresh approach to hiring. We have been around in HR and 3D and have seen some failures that we don’t like. So we have created an approach that effectively connects our candidates with existing roles.

We help you become the best candidate. We know exactly what skills and profiles are trending right know because we work with hiring companies every day.

The best companies to work for. We work with the best companies around the world. And as we are looking for the right match, we will take the time to know both you and the company to make the best offer that fits with your desires.

Personal + Efficient Processes. We believe in re-humanizing the way people find jobs in the 3D industry. Our team members select only offers that fit your needs and wants. And will help you with the interview and even negotiate your salary.



How is 3D Printed Talent different from other specialised employment platforms?

3D Printed Talent is not an employment platform. Employment platforms use machine algorithms to connect humans with job positions. We work with a great team who is interested in finding the best candidate with the best skills and experience to your company. A person who fits with all your requirements.

In the 3D industry, it is professionals who are in demand, not companies with great offers. So a company that uses a platform to find talent will arrive to the party a bit late. Good candidates don’t stay on the market long. They can pick and choose where they want to work.

Where is 3D Printed Talent currently active?

We’re based in Spain.  But we are constantly building out operations in multiple cities across the world, so keep an eye on us!

What type of companies does 3D Printed Talent like to work with?

We work with all-sized companies (startups, SMEs and multinationals) from different countries across the world. What they have in common is that great 3D teams are fundamental to their business model, they share our pro-employee values, and they are an industry reference for the AM stack or product they offer.

How much does 3D Printed Talent cost?

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You only pay if we find you a team member, and the charge is 17-20.5% of your new employee’s gross annual salary (which is far below what you will find with similar services). The percentage will depend on factors like search volume, exclusivity and the type of role you need to be filled.

Why 3D Printed Talent? What’s so different?


3D Printed Talent is a team of senior HR professionals with deep knowledge of the who is the best in the 3D industry. Each has specific experience with a particular type of company (startup vs. multinational) and is well-versed in top trends, salaries, and what matters most to employees. Not to mention that they are kind, enthusiastic and professional.


We love how technology improves and speeds up processes, so we are always willing to try the latest tools the market is raving about. If we like them, we keep them, and you benefit from them!


Our recruiter team is in place for each hiring area (R&D, Design and Sales). They keep our candidates sharp, informed, and equipped with the industry’s most wanted skill sets. They also help us validate top candidates to make sure they have what it takes to make a difference in your company.


Hiring is often the first time the public interacts with your brand, so we make sure you make a great and memorable first impression. We take the time to get to know your company, organizational culture, quirks, and needs, and present you to the world in the best light.


We do our homework well before sending you, anyone. Our candidates are not only talented, highly skilled and a great cultural fit, they are also excited to begin a new experience. We lead the entire hiring process for you, stay in close contact with candidates and give you 100% visibility of all activity.

Ready to get on the radar of the most interesting + inspiring companies?