The AM recruitment boutique

We are a unique, niche and focused recruitment agency working exclusively in Additive Manufacturing.
We know what we are doing.
We speak the AM language, we know where to find them and how to evaluate their skills. They trust us.

Digitalization VS Humanization 

We love digitalization but we are not robots!
We are social, global and digital. We love people and we are proud to say that we know a lot of stories of the 3D Printing industry. We take our job very seriously and that is why our recruiters are not just recruiters… We are psycologists, travel consultants, real estate agents and friends. We put ourselves in the place of the candidate and try to understand what a job change really means for them and try to help and resolve all their doubts beyond their expectations.

We evolve as the industry does

We love innovation, efficiency, and productivity, so we test every new hiring tool, platform, app, bot, and methodology, and continually adapt our hiring universe to make our processes the most efficient and effective in the market. This means smoother processes, better matches, and faster time-to-hire.

Ours areas of expertise

AM Manufacturers

AM End Users

AM Consultancy

AM Distributors
Research Centers
Service Bureau  Contract Manufacturer

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies